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Beta testing a build

I made a new build, and I am using this match-up in WvW to get better as a HGH engineer.

It still has 2 kits but I am using the med kit and tool kit instead of tool kit elixir gun as the old HGH build listed.

Got more excited about Elixir builds after the announced changes of the removal of RNG from the tool belt skills of elixir S and B.

Jonathan Sharp on the GW2 official forums:

We did some reworks on the Elixir toolbelt (f-bar) skills. These just didn’t have enough cool play to them, and we wanted to improve them. Like:

  • Elixir S toolbelt is now guaranteed stealth.

  • Elixir B toolbelt now guarantees Stability along with the random current effect. Base recharge increased to 30 seconds.

Guaranteed stealth and stability! SOLD!

I have been trying to see how much I can survive by throwing myself at larger numbers lol.

Currently I hate to fight thieves without my shield, and my muscle memory is still set to my apothecary build (still love that btw)


Just wanted to add that I am not really liking that the Bloodlust buff boosts stats. I just like the new area instead of quaggan camps and endless kraits.



2 thoughts on “Beta testing a build

  1. Muscle memory is tough when you are changing builds. I end up randomly casting wrong utilities just because I’m used to certain spell combos and cast them without even thinking.

    1. I wish my muscles will remember both in time because I want to use them both :p
      It’s funny when you think “I will counter that with .. oops I don’t have that ability anymore ” lol

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