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Followup to the Orr Temple rant

With the release of the API from Arenanet this site not tracks which temples are open in all the servers of both regions.

Excellent site. Finally got my Soldiers Exotic backpiece guesting on Fort Ranik EU 😀

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Quick GW2 rant

ARGGHH Orr Temples!!

I don’t PVE I just want to get a soldier back piece for my fresh lvl 80 Guardian for WvW and I had to go to the temple of Grenth.

However it is contested all the times I have checked on it.

The last time I did a temple was last year for gear for my first lvl 80 (my engi) and now grenth was so different took me a while to figure out that me falling from the cieling was not lag but an actual mechanic. >_<

Also there is not enough people for the temples anymore. I think the guesting is actually hurting it, people might be guesting on other servers looking for more people to do these events. There is a thread on the official forums for the temple of Grenth and Balthazaar for people looking for uncontested temples in NA and EU.

Maybe there is less people doing PVE stuff. I don't know since I don't do them anyway.

I just want my exotic backpiece! 😦