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Playing Wildstar, taking a break from GW2

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Taking a break from GW2 and playing Wildstar at the moment.

Above is my cute Chua Medic Settler.

The Current WvW Builds thread is out of date my most recent roaming build is a condi burning build based around the new Balthazar runes I have not put it up there.

I liked roaming solo in WvW best and now its not great or fun anymore because you rarely find 1v1s or 1v2s.

The last straw was Anet’s attitude towards hackers and their lack of action towards them.

Camelot Unchained Alpha is coming up soon I hope that would hopefully help with my RvR fix.

I hope to return to GW2 from time to time to play with friends of mine who in all honesty they were the reason I stayed with the game that long.