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Quick GW2 rant

ARGGHH Orr Temples!!

I don’t PVE I just want to get a soldier back piece for my fresh lvl 80 Guardian for WvW and I had to go to the temple of Grenth.

However it is contested all the times I have checked on it.

The last time I did a temple was last year for gear for my first lvl 80 (my engi) and now grenth was so different took me a while to figure out that me falling from the cieling was not lag but an actual mechanic. >_<

Also there is not enough people for the temples anymore. I think the guesting is actually hurting it, people might be guesting on other servers looking for more people to do these events. There is a thread on the official forums for the temple of Grenth and Balthazaar for people looking for uncontested temples in NA and EU.

Maybe there is less people doing PVE stuff. I don't know since I don't do them anyway.

I just want my exotic backpiece! 😦