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Wildstar – The Whitevale mobs are my friends!

Yesterday I was questing in Whitevale and I got the mission Topple the Colossus [Group 3+]. I make my way to the mob and type in zone chat asking if any are interested in completing the quest.

I stay waiting near that giant mob for a while waiting or help when I noticed that the the mob I have to kill (Triggais the Colossus) was engaged in battle with a Icecrusted Boulderback, and not any old boulderback but a difficult mob bordered in red with 2 interrupt armor you see scattered in the wildstar zones.

At first I took little notice of this, then I see that the boulderback was doing a LOT of damage to my target Triggais. Lightbulb moment! I can complete the quest without any other players help.

When I see Triggais the Colossus’ health reach around 3k I run behind him and with my friend the boulderback we dealt the giant a mortal wound, and I completed the quest.

The giant will not be mourned for he is allied to the puny Aurins and Exile Scum. My little Chua runs off to the next quest hub with a final wave to his new best friend the Icecrusted Boulderback.


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