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Quick Update

I have been testing out my new support Apothecary build, but with the changes in traits and skills coming up I will not be posting it as I have planned.

As soon as I see what the new changes are and how they impact both my builds I will post the new build and update the condition grenade build.

Gaming, Guild Wars 2

Update on the Grenade Condition Build

Update to the Grenade Condition Build

I have updated the build link in the main post.

I changed my shield from rabid to givers to get my condition duration to 50% also updated my trinkets to show the ascended gear I bought.

I got the new precision, toughness, vitality, condition damage trinkets. My amulet and the current and the planned accessory will be that stat combo. Also the infusions are the WvW infusions not the agony stuff (coz I don’t do fractals so AR is useless to me).