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GW2: Pondering Engi Group Power Builds

While I still think of myself as a condition engineer in the current WvW meta power builds work better in larger group situations. That is why I am experimenting with power builds for times when I am not fighting in small roaming groups or solo.

The “Immortal” Cleric Engineer

The first build I tried out was the cleric engineer which after this fight and many others on that night I came to the conclusion that while I had a a lot of fun and (though I should time my water fields better) provided support to the team as control and healing I do not provide the support of a guardian and ele.

Engis know that it was always the case. Anet wants to make us the versatile class though our versatility comes at a cost of not making us excel at any one thing. 

My thinking about the build

Fist off [Build Link]

I just wanted the tankiest build I could make so that I can stay for a long time with the melee train and heal them with my bombs even in the red circles.  Automated Response helps with that.

No Invigorating Speed and Speedy Kits combo this time but I did take the power shoes trait since now its a passive movement speed boost (before only in combat) because I can’t live at normal game speed anymore :p

6 runes of water work well in this build because the 6th rune lets you heal allies for a good amount.

Why Pistol/ Shield and not Rifle?

Rifle is the weapon that scales with power pistols are for condition builds. However I need the shield for blasts and blocks so Pistol/ Shield it is. I am a Pistol/Shield fan anyway.


Bombs – Must have because the build is based on the Elixir-Infused Bombs as well as offering good control with Smoke Bomb and Glue Bomb.

Elixir Gun- Very good for support. You get a cripple with the #2 Elixir F ability, #3 Fumigate applies poison and vulnerability as well as curing conditions to your allies .  #4 Acid Bomb is a blast finisher and #5 Super Elixir is a healing light field that removes conditions on impact (maybe one maybe 2 not sure). The F-skill Healing Mist is a stun breaker as well.

3rd ability I use Elixir S for guaranteed stomps and i need the invulnerability to rez allies and the Toss Elixir S for the invisibility for myself or to make downed allies invisible too. You can use other abilities  instead like Rocket Boots or Throw Mine or anythings else you prefer.

Conclusion – As I said earlier I do not provide the support of a guardian or an ele so I am not playing with this build anymore in WvW though I might use it in tpvp as a main bunker build.

Grenade Power Build (Work in Progress)

[Build link] don’t have all the gear yet but working towards it.

AOE  damage with chill and blinds and poison grenades are great. With the Grenadier‘s trait extra grenade you can potentially hit 15 players.

Will update later with more feedback on this build when I play more with it.

While I only played the cleric engi once in WvW I know more about that play style since I played a slightly similar apothecary build before and play bunker engis in spvp si I could offer more feedback on that while this build is new to me as a build and playstyle.

Edit 2/1/2014:

[updated build link for group WvW]

Acknowledgments: While the Cleric build was mostly me I had advice from my guildmates who played around with cleric builds on other classes. The Power grenade build I found a variant of it on the official forums and my guildie CyrusRiffs (balgok) helped me with the min/maxing.

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