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GW2: Engi P/P HGH 2 Kit Build

My new damage build that I have been testing. Mainly using this an my apothecary Lemon-Aid build these days.

[ 2 Kit HGH Build Link ]


2 August 2013 – Fixed error in Build link. more info here


The Build is kind of straight forward in what is supposed to do. Its built for damage and it can survive in WvW. Though in a matchup where I am faced with zergy servers I switch to my apothecary Lemon-Aid build.

I miss my rocket boots, but I don’t want to loose an elixir for it since I am using them here to remove conditions as well or remove elixir gun because I lose a heal from Super Elixir, and a cripple and other conditions to apply to an enemy.

originally I was not going to take elixir gun but a guildie suggested it over the goggle stun breaker that I had wanted to use for the heal and the f-skill stun breaker.

I see that it was the right choice in this build since I am not using the classic 4x water runes with 2x Monk runes that some HGH builds have. Those runes do help keep you alive and live through damage and conditions since it gives you healing power and boon duration.

I wanted perplexity runes in this build so the Super Elixir pulse heals help a lot.

I am liking the of-hand pistol now a bit more, even though I wish the pistol #5 (Glue shot) was a bit faster .

toolkit is amazing. I don’t need to add more than [Magnet] +[Prybar].



Thats all for now. Comments, suggestions, and questions are more than welcome.



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