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GW2: Apothecary Build v2 AKA “Lemon-Aid”

Link to the previous Apothecary build

[Lemon-Aid Build Link]

Changes from v1:

I added more damage to version 2 of the build be exchanging the undead runes to the new Rune of Perplexity and changing the sigil of life to sigil or corruption so I can get condition damage on kill stacks instead of healing.

I have also changed the master trait in the Inventions line from Stabilized Armor to Reinforced Shield.

While Stabilized Armor is good in zerg fights I have been switching to Reinforced Shield in smaller fights. Now with the Causes 10 seconds of Confusion on interrupt.” from the Rune of Perplexity I find it useful to have the shield ability cool down from that trait.

Build Name “Lemon-Aid” is in honor of Jackel from [CROW] who made the joke of me being supporty would be called Lemon-Aid :p

That is all from me,


PS. if you have any questions,  feel free to ask, suggest etc…


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