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GW2: Be Better at PVP by Dueling

I am writing this because dueling has improved my gameplay and I wished to share this tip with the rest of the gw2 players interested in pvp.

well this would apply to all games I suppose but I am going to talk specifically about GW2 in this instance.

I have recently over the last few months tried to improve myself as a player by roaming as much as I can in WvW. Challenging myself against various classes.

This was a good way to understand how I can use my class strengths against opponents.

Group fights are much more forgiving. If you make a mistake, it is not that bad (unless its a really stupid mistake – we have all done that :p) because hopefully you have the support of your team to help you when you are in trouble.

When dueling however mistakes could lead to your defeat. The better you are the better you can recover from mistakes. Though obviously the better you are the less you make mistakes.

So try to duel, Roam solo in WvW. You might find fellow roamers to fight.

You may get run over by a zerg. ( though I recommend having a few escape abilities in your roaming build) You may be trying to duel someone and then people would jump in and interrupt you ( and possibly gank you). Take is all as a learning experience to increase your awareness of your surroundings.

I need to work work on my awareness. Embarrassing moment incoming –

I was formulating a recruitment post to type in map chat in my head. I was so focused on what I was writing that I only realized when I was downed that a skelk was attacking me the entire time. My guild had a nice laugh at that :p incredulous statements like ” you died to a skelk?! how!?!” was said a few times lol.

Custom Arenas:

My guild has a custom arena. We have been using it a lot to duel each other. At one point we had 3 duels running at the same at the Forest of Niflhel map. One on the beach, another in the graveyard, and the last one was at the keep point.

At first my mesmer guildie destroyed me in a minute or less. After some practice and getting some tips from Drakeco Dustslinger ( link to the tips video) I held out for a really long time until we called of the fight as a draw.

I duel with a build as close as possible to my Apothecary Support Build as I could make in SPVP.

I did not have a problem dealing with damage classes. Since I can live though the damage  then apply my conditions on them. I do have problems though with some bunker classes – Regen thieves, Regen Rangers, and my guild leader’s guardian build ( which I have to remember to check that build out since that was another fight along with the regen thief that ended as a draw ).

[maybe I won once against my guild leaders guardian though I was told he was lagging :p]

Mesmers are always a problem for me. Sometimes I can’t tell which is the real one. I noticed that I fair better against mesmers when I can target the real one. I wish I could use the call target function when I am not in a party and just roaming solo 😦

Condition Necros! the bane of my existence.

I dueled my guildie’s condi necro ( The guy who has the mesmer I mentioned earlier – shoutout to Balgok! ) Died in record time lol. Rocket jumped into a well too /facepalm

I need to practice more vs many classes and get better and also tweek my build. Add a bit more damage to the build so that the next time I am against bunker classes with a lot of regen it is not a long  fight that ends in a draw >:).

That is all from me,



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