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GW2 Engi: Apothecary Support Build

This build is more group centric than the condition grenade build and I am having fun playing with it.

Link to V2 of the build

Weirdly enough it did not occur to me that the engineer would benefit from the apothecary gear. My head was turned by the apothecary ranger builds I was seeing and it was still stuck in my mind that a support engi would have to be a power rifle engi with cleric gear.

I did not want to go back to being a power engi. I like the pistol shield weapon combo a lot more.

Someone must have told me about trying apothecary gear or the insiration could be attributed to an engi I admire Drakeco Dustslinger who has a video of his apothecary build.

My Build:

[Build link]

On my Ascended back piece I have a WvW Malign infusion not the PVE agony stuff. I don’t do fractals :p

Before the patch I had elixir s on my hotbar instead of rocket boots. Rocket boots were horrible before the patch. Who would take a skill that CCs you?!

Now however it is a lot of fun and adds to my ability to escape. You need that when you want to run away from a zerg, or just to maneuver around the battlefield.

I can equip it instead of elixir S, because now the F skill of the elixir gun is a stun breaker. I am very happy about that change as well. Kit engineers needed a stun breaker.

It does decent damage and helps my team. I will be sticking with this build for a while 🙂

Feel free to leave comments, questions, tips etc..


PS. I would like to thank my guild mates in Bloody Pirates [YARR] of Gandara EU for helping when brainstorming this build.


30 June 2013 – Updated Amulet to my new ascended one.


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