In short: I loved it, and I recommend it to anyone who even has the slightest intrest in comic book films.  It also good for Sci-fi and adventure fans I think.

To date this is my favorite adaptation of Superman. Disclaimer: I am not a a Superman fan and I do not know all the story lines in the comic books. I did however see most of the films, cartoons and the Lois & Clark show.

I love that the story of this adaptation. Of course the writing team of David S Goyer and Christopher Nolan its hardly a suprise that I enjoyed the story. The team had made me more more interested in the DC universe after their successful adaptation of Batman. I am mostly a marvel fan but  now I am excited about diving into the DC world of super heroes.

As an origin story making Kal-El’s roots and his past the reason he becomes his superman persona was a nice way to introduce the character. Also the way the back story was presented segmented into into the appropriate areas of the film was to me better than just allocating a portion of the start of the film as “backstory time”.

I loved seeing more about Krypton and Superman’s real parents as well as Kryptonian society and what led to their downfall. Also the young Clark Kent parts were enjoyable to watch.  Usually the setup or backstory is hurried or not that good. Something you just have to sit though to see the good stuff. However in some films (Man of Steel being one of them) the back story was fun and interconnected to the plot of the film.

One of the reasons I never really was a superman fan was, because I felt he was overpowered. In this film because the villain (General Zod ) was an opponent that wasn’t someone that superman can beat with his pinky finger alone.

When Zod grabbed superman by the cape and swung him around I thought of this. :p

Though I loved the romance in the film now that Lois know the identity of superman it means that we will not get the interaction between the two that I loved in Lois & Clark. Though to be fair its been done a lot so I am willing to see a change in the relationship between the two.

The main and supporting actors were great, can’t wait for a sequel as well as a Justice League film.

As Lois said “Welcome to the Planet” Superman and welcome back to the movies 😀

That’s all for now,


PS. I hope this is not the last that we see of Jor-El


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