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A few things I would love to see in Carbine Studio’s new upcoming MMO Wildstar


  • Ability to play Cross-Region: I dislike the artificial barrier between NA and the EU regions ( and any other region for that matter). I am in an international guild and I know people from across the globe, and since it is actually a small world I wish modern MMOs would not put barriers between us.
    • In PVE-  a guesting feature:  Yakzan brought up the idea of guesting, similar to the option in GW2 however limiting it only to your friends list. This is possibly in WoW I am not sure since I do not play WoW. Limiting to the friends list is a great idea it won’t be the slightly messy system GW2 has now, but  will be used to play with friends who are not on your server. Your friends may want to role on an EU PVE server but you choose to role on NA PVP server, this way you can still play with them when you want to without making a new character on another server that you do not necessarily like the rule-set of (PVE, PVP, RP etc..).
      • Circles will benefit from this: If you made a circle with like minded players you interact with in the wildstar community having guesting without regional barriers would make it easier for your circle to meet up in game and set up events or just have fun.
    • In PVP I am of the opinion that it should at the very least be cross-server but better if it is cross region. The idea brought up in one of the recent WS Townhall of server clusters of 3ish servers to make up the player pool is not something I like. I would rather have a larger pool of people to fight against.
      • In GW2 the EU Spvp community is on a slightly ( possibly more than slightly since I found the NA matches boring) higher level than the NA region. Some NA players have moved their account to the EU region to have a better challenge. I would not want to seethis kind of division in Wildstar. If we are all together then matchmaking will take care of finding the challenges for pvp teams.
      • Also It will make it easier for teams from around the globe to challenge each other in player made tournaments.


There is not enough information for warplots but my wish is that it is not set on accomplishing one win condition like the battlegrounds.

Yeah I know defeating the other team is the main win condition, but I would rather that there are many ways to accomplish it.

Mainly, I don’t want to see the meta be everyone doing just one strategy to win, and I think one of the ways to combat that is having different ways to win. That way you don’t just have Plan A and win matches with it, but Plans A-H and a lot of adapting and changing of plans during the match.

Choas is fun :p

And last but not least please do not put PVE things in my PVP

That’s all from me,



One thought on “Wildstar Wishes

  1. I would love it if WildStar had cross-sever cross-region and everything. I do not know if that would be just hard to implement of if it would cost a lot of money.

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