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Wildstar : Paths and Indecision

If you have not yet, watch them now.

Great videos from Carbine as always.

However I am now having a problem. You could say it a good problem to have in a game but it a problem *firstworldproblem*

I can’t decide what to choose for my character ūüė• :p

I am a tiny bit jealous of the people who already have¬†their¬†mains and some even a primary alt mapped out. ¬†class/path/race picked and documented also a rough idea of the looks (or in some case what they look like in glorious¬†detail¬†by one of the wildstar community artists ‚̧ ).


If the chua ( I am sorry the <redacted> 4th race of the Dominion) are a Dominion class *crosses fingers and toes* I will choose that as my main.

If the chua is not a playable race I will be crushed … :p

I also like the Cassians and the Mechari as well so I will¬†probably¬†have alts of them. I will have to have at least one exile alt so that I can experience the other faction’s story and world. So that is another decision I have to¬†agonize¬†over and spend so much time in character creation staring at eyebrow tilt.

I see myself spending the majority of the first day in character creation if there is no system like in GW2.  Where you can make a temporary character to just save the character name and you can delete the temp. character, but still keep the name for 24 hours *thumbs up*.


At first I was only interested in the spellslinger or waiting for one of the redacted classes especially if there is something that is similar to an engineer class.

I see myself playing a DPS or a support class. Since that is what I enjoyed in other games. however the tank in Wildstar PVP is sound like a fun :S.

Not only that but the latest videos are making appreciate the stalker class as well ( the armour did help sell it too <3).

So, it looks like I have narrowed it down to 3 classes /facepalm.


More indecision here as well.

I was only struggling between Soldier and Settler and only waiting for what the paths do in PVP to choose a path for my main. What they do in PVP since even though I am interested in the the Wildstar PVE I am more interested in the PVP (especially warplots). So knowing what my path will add to my PVP experience is a major issue hindering my final choice of path.

In the Dev Speak video I found myself thinking “hmm the explorer path sound like a lot of fun” Scavenger hunts, time trials etc.. cool!.¬†Conveniently¬†forgetting how bad I am at the gw2 jumping puzzles…


I have none! No seriously I have never had this much of a problem picking a main in any game. I suppose that means Carbine made an excellent job of making a lot of the thing interesting.  On the other hand it could be solely my own problem and I am easily distracted by the shinies Carbine are revealing :p

As I said to my guild it looks like my problem will be having too many mains not too many alts. I just hope we have enough character slots.

see you next time o/


(ObliviousPrime on WSC)


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