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GW2 Engi: Condition Grenade Build

My hybrid condition/power grenade build that I am currently using for WvW.

*Updated as of 16 June 2013 link to the changes*

-Sorry all this time I had put the buff I used as maintenance oil when in reality I use tuning crystals. I fixed the build link – June 21, 2013

August , 2013 – abandoned this build for others so I will not be updating it.


I leveled my engi in this game as a power rifle build with a mostly kits on my hotbar. However I don’t really like the rifle and prefer pistol/shield so I switched early on to a condition build and never looked back.

The next build I stuck with for a long time was the might stacking HGH build with flame thrower that I had found on the internet. Over the months there has been tweaks and changes to the build to adapt to the changes in the game and trying to keep my survivability up against the zergs in WvW.

This was my build before I changed over [Build link]

Why I changed builds:

I changed because I had to get really close to people with the flame thrower to do damage and I sometimes did not have enough toughness to mitigate the damage I was getting. That build was not optimal in 1v1 fights. In fact during the last days of using that build I was trying to roam with pistol/pistol and with the tool kit replacing the flamethrower but I switch back to the original build when I encounter zergs. Which happen more often than not. I did not want to switch skills every time, because some times I get surprised and have the wrong skills equipped.

New Build:

[Build link]

My thinking when I was making the build

I had wanted to keep HGH honestly, because I think that with the Cleaning Formula 409 trait which make drinking and throwing elixir remove conditions is the best condition remover for the engineer. Its hard to to go with a kit build because condition removal is a problem for the engineer. The other choices are the healing turret and the med kit #4 elixir C (which i think is a waste of a skill slot) and also light fields with Super Elixir and Toss Elixir R.

I was planning to go 20/10/0/30/10 but the Steel-Packed Powder was too good to resist.  So I said goodbye to my elixir build and picked Invigorating Speed and  Backpack Regenerator.

Also I tried to stay with my 4x water and 2x Monk runes in the new build with my super veggie pizza buff but the conditions in WvW were to much.  Luckily my guild mates recommended 6x runes of Melandru and Bowl of Lemongrass Poultry Soup. With those I get -65% condition duration and -25% stun duration.

The tool kit is great 1v1, with Pry Bar and Static Shot I can put on a target 7 stacks of confusion. I am also really loving the Magnet skill.

I am having so much fun with the grenades and that it all I have to say on the kit :p

Why shield and not pistol for off-hand

I like it better. The snare on Pistol #5 is nice but I would really miss the blast finisher on the shield as well as the knockback, daze and stun.

That is all from me, feel free to leave comments, suggestions , and questions if you wish.


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